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Endcor® 4600C

Modified Polyester Urethane Coating

Recommended Uses
• Process equipment and piping
• Storage tank exteriors
• Structural steel and concrete
• Marine and off-shore structures
• Transportation equipment
• OEM/Product finishing
• Material handling equipment

• Chemical resistant finish
• Excellent weathering resistance
• High performance finish for use in tropical and salt air environments
• Outstanding durability and appearance under demanding service conditions
• Impact and abrasion resistant
• Excellent gloss and color retention
• Smooth hard tile-like surface resists staining and dirt pick-up
Available sizes
  • 1 Gallon
  • 5 Gallon
Endcor 4600C series coating is a two component, semi-gloss high-performance coating based on a chemically cross-linked polyurethane polymer. Endcor 4600C exhibits outstanding toughness, durability, chemical and weather resistance with increased gloss and color retention as compared to acrylic urethanes.
Endcor 4600C provides an attractive appearance for metal and concrete surfaces exposed to corrosive chemical, industrial and marine environments.

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