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Epodur® 1890

Weld-Thru Primer

Epodur 1890 weld thru primer is a ready-to-use weldable coating. Apply to metal surfaces in order to provide a rust proof surface and maintain quality welds.
Data Sheet
Available sizes
  • Aerosol
  • Quart
  • 1 Gallon
  • 5 Gallon
Epodur 1890 weld thru primer is a ready-to-use weldable coating. Apply to metal surfaces in order to provide a rust proof surface and maintain quality welds. This coating offers increased heat resistance, reduced porosity and pin-holing as compared to traditional weld-able coatings. Epodur 1890 is a versatile primer easily applied to improve weld efficiency preventing the formation of corrosion that forms between welded substrates especially during prolonged storage periods.
Provides weld-thru aluminum finish
Easily strike a welding arc
Minimum burn-back during the welding process
Increases weld quality by reducing porosity/pinholes
Safe for use on most metals
Simple brush, roller or spray application
Single package - no pot life - low odor
Air dries quickly - set to touch in 45 minutes
Common Uses
Industrial and marine fabrication facilities
Industrial and commercial OEM
Protects plate edges from rusting during storage
Automotive and fleet repair shops

Specification Data

Dry Film Thickness per coat
0.75-1.0 mil (19-25μm)
Wet Film Thickness per coat
3.5 – 5 mils (101-127μm)
Application Method
Spray|Brush|Roll|Spray Preferred
Theoretical Coverage
675 sq. ft. @ 3/4 mil per gallon
Dry to Touch
45 minutes
Dry Time to Recoat
1 hour/12 hours
VOC Content
5.75 lbs/gal.
9.2 lbs./ 4.17kg. per gallon

Application Instructions

Surface Preparation
Steel: For best results, surfaces should be free from oil, grease, dirt, mill scale, rust, corrosion products, oxides, paint and foreign matter. Abrasive blast surface to commercial grade per Steel Structures Painting Council Specification SSPC-SP6/NACE 3, “Commercial Blast Cleaning”. If abrasive blasting is not possible or cannot be permitted, remove mill scale, rust or other surface contaminants per Specification SSPC-SP3, “Power Tool Cleaning.”

Non-ferrous metals: Prepare in accordance with SSPCSP16 “Preparation of Non-Ferrous Metals” or NACE 4 “Brush-off Blasting”.
Stir thoroughly until the aluminum filler is completely dispersed.
Application Temperature
50°F/10°C minimum
Clean Up
Clean equipment with Dampney 100 Thinner.
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